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innerSpirit Raku Rattles & Ornaments

Create Spontaneous Gratitude. Keep an innerSpirit Rattle nearby to remind you to give thanks often. Set one on a desk, on a bookshelf, on a bedside table. A bouquet of flowers is nice, but unlike a gift of flowers, an innerSpirit Rattle is an everlasting treasure created to trigger a reflex sensation of gratitude.

Balancing mind, body and spirit has become customary for well being.

Sound helps keep us focused, mindful and in the moment. An innerSpirit Rattle fits in the palm of your hand. You will feel an instant emotional connection to its beauty, its texture, and its small size, but it is the music you’ll make with it that may nurture your strongest connection.

Each heart-shaped rattle and ornament is unique. They are approximately 3” in diameter.

About the Raku Process:
RAKU is a form of pottery developed in Japan in the 16th century in an endeavor to produce bowls to match the beauty and the gracefulness of their traditional tea ceremony. The precise movements and slow pace of the ceremony are considered a form of meditation. Calling for attainment of harmony, enlightenment, wisdom and compassion, the ritual is very spiritual.

"Enjoyment of Ease" is the literal translation of the word RAKU in Japanese.

Raku ware is removed from the kiln while still glowing red-hot, and quickly placed inside a metal can with a combustible material. J. Davis Studio uses locally recycled newspapers.

After the paper ignites, the container is closed tightly which causes a reduction of air. The lack of oxygen and smoke react with the glaze creating an unpredictable one-of-a-kind surface. When the can has cooled for a few minutes, the lid is opened and a burst of water is sprayed on the pieces to quickly freeze the luminescent colors.

Even though the Raku firing process originated in Japan, the rustic look creates the essence of an ancient civilization, like an artifact unearthed from a primitive Native American campground near the Rio Grande riverbed.



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