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Ojo In The News

USA Today 10 Best – August 2014

10Best: Green Hotels Across America. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa - Visitors have enjoyed these New Mexico hot springs for centuries. Solar power supplies some heat and rainwater supports irrigation. A spring-fueled geothermal system heats and cools buildings, there's an on-site water treatment facility, and landscaping features native plants. New construction employs salvaged materials and low VOC paints. Bask in natural warmth, knowing the environment is well taken care of too.

Huffington Post – July 2014

An Enchanting Road Trip to New Mexico’s Hot Springs. Head north out of Santa Fe for a one hour drive to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa, the crown jewel of New Mexico hot spring spas. This secluded sacred sanctuary surrounded by stunning high desert mesas is one of the oldest mineral hot springs in the country.

USA Today 10 Best – July 2014

Travel Destinations 10 Best. Ojo Caliente isn't just a destination. It's a life-loving experience. If you've heard of Ojo, you most likely know about their amazing mineral springs and spa, which are truly incredible! What you may not know about is their equally phenomenal restaurant, The Artesian. Located in their historic hotel, the Artesian offers Southwestern favorites as well as international fare using local ingredients, known as the guerrilla gardening farm-to-table initiative. They have beehives, they compost and they have a year-round greenhouse in the works. We love it!

Taos Summer Visitor’s Guide – Summer/Fall 2014

Soak Up New Improvements and Enhancements at Ojo Caliente. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa has had a busy winter. With a goal of improving the experience for the guests, while honoring the facility’s essence, charms and history with a ongoing ideal of stewardship for sustainability. June 2014

Top 9 Places for Healing Waters. A sacred oasis 50 miles north of Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente (hot eye) is perfect for day trips or overnight stays in rustic Southwestern elegance. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs offers yoga classes or indigenous spa treatments (e.g. a blue corn-prickly pear scrub). Revered by Pueblo Indians for over 3,000 years, the springs are heated by subterranean volcanic aquifers and fill 11 pools with 80- to 109-degree waters with different combinations of minerals (one has more arsenic in it, which is believed to relieve arthritis). A big plus: no chlorine. The water is sterilized with ozone and ultraviolent light and pools are refilled three times a week.

Pulse – May 2014

Serving up the Local Flavor- Treatments that Feature Local ingredients and Celebrate Traditions. Just north of Santa Fe is Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs’ secluded sanctuary, which was deemed sacred by Native Americans centuries ago. Most of the spa’s treatments are inspired by the Native American culture and traditional healing practices of the region.

2014 Taos News People’s Choice Awards – May 2014
First Place: “Best Massage”
•  First Place: “Best Place to Pamper Your Skin”
•  First Place: “Best Weekend Getaway”
•  First Place: “Best Place to Take a Dip”
•  First Place: “Best Place to Soak”

The Wall Street Journal May 2014

A Llama Trek In New Mexico. Outside of town, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs has mud pools, a full spa and a restaurant, for off-the-beaten-path prices (from $139 per night).

The Huffington PostMay 2014

The Top 7 Places to Visit for Healing Waters. A sacred oasis 50 miles north of Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente (hot eye) is perfect for day trips or overnight stays in rustic Southwestern elegance. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs offers yoga classes or indigenous spa treatments (e.g. a blue corn-prickly pear scrub). Revered by Pueblo Indians for over 3,000 years, the springs are heated by subterranean volcanic aquifers and fill 11 pools with 80- to 109-degree waters with different combinations of minerals (one has more arsenic in it, which is believed to relieve arthritis).

Travel + LeisureApril 20, 2014

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs - Featured Santa Fe Getaway. For centuries, this high-desert community’s mineral springs have been sought out for their healing properties. Come here for a reinvigorating yet relaxing retreat: Bask in the warmth of the waters and take yoga lessons or go for gentle hikes. Wind down your days by dining at the resort’s organic restaurant, or enjoying an evening soak in a private outdoor hot tub near a crackling kiva fireplace.

The Weekly Alibi – April 10, 2014

A Sacred Experience. Any restaurant that allows one to eat in a bathrobe automatically gains a star in my book. It may be the easiest star to gain, but too few are willing to be so chill. The Artesian Restaurant at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa earns its “robe star” at breakfast and lunch, at least, but the casual feeling extends through dinner (which can, for what it’s worth, be purchased takeout in one’s robe).

Organic Spa Magazine – March 2014

Feel the Heat. Whether you visit for a day or a week, let the warmth seep into your bones and detox your skin in the beautiful redwood dry sauna at Ojo Caliente, in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, about an hour outside Santa Fe. The sauna is heated by lava rocks plus electric heaters, and hovers at 160 degrees. Rotate the dry heat with eucalyptus-infused wet steam which, at 125 degrees, will stimulate the circulation and give you a good sweat.–March 28, 2014

Relax at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. Fall in love with the natural, healing spring waters and extend your stay with Ojo’s lodging. Benefits of soaking are believed to include: relieving digestive issues, arthritis, stomach ulcers, skin conditions, fatigue, and the blood and immune system. Historically, people joined at Ojo to prevent illness – give it a try! Enclosed by three walls, soak in a private pool with kiva fireplace. Where the fourth wall would be faces the scenic canyon. This is a must for another breathtaking mountain view. Make the drive to Ojo, a place full of spirit and energy. and – March 26, 2014

America’s Best Spring Drives Santa Fe/Taos Loop, New Mexico The Route. Follow the (literal) High Road from Santa Fe north on Route 285 through high-elevation deserts and orchards. It leads to the cottonwood-dotted valley of Ojo Caliente and its pueblo communities; the Taos Pueblo compound, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was built before 1400 and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in America. Loop back from Taos on the Low Road, State Route 68, which runs along the Rio Grande past wineries. – March 15, 2014

Getting Naked With Strangers. The Baths I've always enjoyed the 'baths' in the U.S., from Colorado's Pagosa Springs to Ojo Caliente, near Taos. When younger, my husband and I hiked the backwoods of New Mexico to find steaming mineral soaking pits tucked in among the rocks, where we would strip and dunk, a secret slice of heaven. But the last time I'd done anything naked and public was decades ago.

Santa Fe Reporter – March 11, 2014

Spring Into Healing. Geothermal hot spring pools cure what ails you. One Ojo Caliente brochure, created shortly after 1916, espoused the health benefits of the springs through more than a dozen testimonials of people, some who claimed to have been “completely” cured of their ailments after soaking in and drinking the mineral water. On the last page under the testimonials, it offers the rates: room, board and baths for $29 a week or $120 a month. Even back then, health care came at a cost—various inflation calculators indicate that $29 in 1916 had the buying power of more than $650 in today’s dollars. Currently, the one-day cost of admission at Ojo, about 50 miles north of Santa Fe, is $28 on the weekends and $18 on weekdays. March 7, 2014

Couples: Taos, NM Where to stay: Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs & Spa A total departure from the megaresorts in the west and where desert meets mountains, Taos is known for its uncrowded slopes, relaxed vibe and vibrant arts scene. For a perfect ski and soak combination, hole up off the mountain at the affordable Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs & Spa – where natural mineral waters throughout the entire resort have healed visitors since the 16th century. The recently renovated Cliffside Suites include a private soaking tub – or take your pick from the property's Kiva Pool, Mud Bath and full spa service menu. Spring skiers save 20% off spa and lodging with any New Mexico lift ticket or season pass.

County Living Magazine March 3, 2014

5 Relaxing and Affordable Spa Vacations, Ojo Caliente, Where: New Mexico, What: Indigenous Southwestern tribes bathed in Ojo's healing waters for ages, and in 1868, the first bathhouse was built on this rocky desert site. Today, visitors can bask in 11 pools—all fed by a natural aquifer, whose 80- to 109-degree waters contain iron and trace minerals believed to relieve everything from digestive troubles to skin conditions. Prefer a solo soak? Reserve one of Ojo's cliffside suites with a private outdoor tub (from $139 a night).

Creator’s Syndicate February 20, 2014
Taking the Waters at Ojo Caliente. Now in its 145th year of operation, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa proclaims itself the oldest establishment of its kind in America. And it has long been one of the most popular spa destinations in the Southwest. In its latest (and grandest) incarnation the resort features a variety of mineral-rich hot pools, Native American-inspired spa treatments, savory cuisine and a wide range of accommodations. These include comfortable rooms in the historic hotel, a row of cabin-style cottages and 48 stylishly appointed newer units — the Cliffside and Pueblo Suites, which open onto the gardens, some with their own hot tubs. February 18, 2014

"Top Ten Great American Road Trips" No. 8: High Road to Taos, Santa Fe, N.M., to Taos to Ojo Caliente, N.M., 195 miles. Drive north on 64, then go south on US 285 to Ojo Caliente Mineral Resort and Spa for a mud bath or massage. Natural hot springs can be found to soak for free, but most require some back-road driving and hiking. February 12, 2014, “10 Winter Escapes to Hot Springs”
Ojo Caliente, New Mexico You'll find the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is only about an hour's drive north of Santa Fe, though you might feel like you're much farther from the bustling state capital. Located on 1,100 acres that adjoin national forest and public land, this resort acts as a retreat into the Southwestern wilderness.–February 2014

Spas of Santa Fe. Deep-rooted in Native American culture and saturated with art and adobe architecture, Santa Fe is known as The City Different because truly – there’s no place like it around. Immersing oneself in the nation’s oldest and highest capital, it doesn’t take long to notice one “common” trait amongst locals and visitors alike: A state of bliss that can be attributed to a mix of pure mountain air and a myriad of retreats to relax and rejuvenate. For those looking for a nature-based escape, Santa Fe serves up something for every taste from mineral springs to indigenous ingredients and everything in between. January 29, 2014
Cupid comes to Ojo Caliente throughout the month of February. Relax and Retreat, Get Away with a Suite Month of Love Package at Ojo Caliente. Packages starting at $309 include:- One Enchanting Night for Two
- Rejuvenating Essence of Ojo Custom Massages- A Romantic Private Outdoor Pool w/Kiva Fire- Bottle of Wine or Sparkling Cider with Ojo Glasses - Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Go for the Gusto BlogJanuary 8, 2014
A visit to ojo caliente mineral springs & a giveaway.  Ojo Caliente is a scared place. It is an area that my family, and most locals from Taos visit frequently. Over the past 15 years it has transformed from just a few natural hot spring pools, to a stunning, tastifully done resort and spa. But, Ojo has been around for thousands of years before us. Ancient peoples, the Native Americans who built large pueblos and lived in the surrounding cliffs, gathered to soak and detoxify for generations.

Los Alamos MonitorJanuary 2, 2014

The ultimate weekend getaway Resort and spa: Native Americans believed Ojo Caliente waters contained healing powers. There’s a reason, actually several, why Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa consistently receives accolades from numerous publications, as well as from the hundreds and thousands of visitors who make their way to this secluded refuge in Northern New Mexico. First and foremost, its

historic roots provide a sense of authenticity that so many other destination spas lack. – January 1, 2014

Smart Luxury: 8 Day Spas in the U.S. That are Worth the Splurge. Ojo Caliente Santa Fe, NM This Navajo-inspired resort offers something a little different – with fees that are a little easier to manage – in Santa Fe. Eleven (!) hot springs brim with four different types of thermal mineral waters… on top of a new detoxifying mud pool and steam and sauna rooms. – December 9, 2013
A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit Ojo Caliente. Ojo Caliente is a mineral springs resort and spa about 2 hours outside of Albuquerque. I had never heard of Ojo Caliente, but I was so happy I found out! Ojo Caliente is beautiful and historic. It is a fantastic way to break away from the “real world”, and have a vacation without leaving the home state.

Offbeat Travel – December 5, 2013

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs: An Ah! Experience. There is something profoundly decadent and delightful about spending the day hiking atop the mesa, coming down to a muscle loosening massage, and then sliding through the softly warm waters of a mineral pool. The wood crackling in the kiva fireplace lets me know I can enjoy its warmth when I finally leave my private bath. But right now I float from one end to the other and let the waters warm every inch of my skin. I am quite in love with Ojo Caliente.

Fort Worth Star Telegram,, the Miami Herald and others December 1, 2013

Ski destinations where apres-ski is no afterthought. About an hour from Santa Fe or Taos, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is celebrating its 145th year with a special "Ski & Soak" package for lift ticket and season pass holders from any New Mexico ski resort. For $18 weekdays and $28 weekends and holidays (that's 20 percent off), skiers can dip into any one of Ojo's 10 geothermal mineral pools.

Farmington Daily Times – December 18, 2013
Hot springs in New Mexico, Colorado soothe muscles and the mind.

USA Today 10 Best – November 2013

The Artesian Restaurant at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

#2 on the list of the “10 Best Restaurants in the Santa Fe Area”

The Vail DailyNovember 23, 2013

Busted and Broke: A Trip to Santa Fe. The next day, it was off to Ojo Caliente, an all-seasons stop for those traveling to Santa Fe and its surrounding areas — be it as a destination, a stop along the way, an eatery on the road, or just to soak while visiting Angel Fire Resort, Ski Santa Fe or Taos Ski Valley in winter.

Santa Fean Magazine – October/November 2013

Luxe Living. Ojo Caliente’s Spa Comforts for your home. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa has a long history—and a long history of change. Its first bathhouse was build in 1968, but the site itself, 50 miles north of Santa Fe was a destination for centuries before that, with everyone from the ancient ancestors of the Tewa to early Spanish settlers partaking of its healing lithia, arsenic, iron and soda waters.

New Mexico Magazine – October 2013 –reprinted from December 1949

Ojo Springs Eternal – A neophyte stumbles on the ancient healing springs—and the advent of a lifelong pilgrimage.

My first visit to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs was accidental. I was one of a party of four on an extended camping trip through the mountains of northern New Mexico. We had broken camp on the Río Pueblo and were rolling south along U.S. 64 when I asked the driver, “Where are we going?” “Ojo Caliente.”

New Mexico Magazine – October 2013
Soak of Ages, Ojo Caliente spa celebrates its 145th anniversary by honoring its past and building a sustainable future. My daughter and I ascended the winding rock-strewn path that leads from the spa grounds to the Posi-Ouinge ruins, our bodies freshly bathed by three different mineral waters, traces of mud still on our faces, mica from the nearby mine glistening on our arms, courtesy of the spa’s body cream samples in the gift shop. – September 27, 2013
10 Things to Know Before Visiting New Mexico.
Ojo Caliente's mineral waters have worked wonders for thousands of years. Ancestors of the native Tewa tribes, 16th-century Spanish colonizers, and ailing bodies in search of a miracle cure have all made the pilgrimage to soak in the geothermal water that flows from an ancient volcanic aquifer to the surface at the rate of more than 100,000 gallons per day. Southwest of Taos, Ojoofficially became a "spa" 145 years ago, but it still has public Lithia, Iron, Soda, and Arsenic springs. For privacy, rent a brand-new Cliffside Suite with kiva fireplace and a private soaking tub.

Northwest News/The Woodinville Weekly/ The Valley View – September 7, 2013

There’s a reason, actually several, why Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa consistently receives accolades from numerous publications, as well as from the hundreds and thousands of visitors who make their way to this secluded refuge in North.

Houston Chronicle, Dayton Daily News Online, Seattle Post Intelligence, Las Cruces Sun-News

A story by the Associated Press – September 4, 2013 Golden Aspens on New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle.

The Northeast is deservedly famous for its autumn palette, but New England doesn’t have a lock on fall color. Bright yellow foliage decorates many parts of the Southwest this time of year, and there’s no better place to experience those hues than on a drive around the Enchanted Circle, an 85-mile loop in Northern New Mexico that begins in Taos. Ready to relax after all that driving and sightseeing? The mineral springs at Ojo Caliente are about 30 miles from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, and there’s a great cafe onsite.

Huffington Post UK – August 30, 2013
TRAVEL EYE: Driving Route 66 - The Ultimate American Adventure. We're on a road trip. In my book; the 'ultimate road trip'. We're travelling Route 66 - also known as the 'Main Street of America' and the 'Mother Road'. We're very excited. …and an hour up the road, we spend a lazy evening in a muscle-melting hot pool at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. For a real treat, book in an Ancient Echoes therapy of the head, neck and shoulders ($109 for 50 minutes) and be transported into a world of massage heaven.

The ColoradoanAugust 7, 2013

Ojo Caliente spa oh so relaxing. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and as I cruised south along U.S. Highway 285 toward northern New Mexico, just me, my sedan and a trunk full of camping gear, I was thinking about only one thing: hot water. My destination was the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. On this rare solo getaway from my husband and young kids — a gift from them — I’d chosen Ojo because it was off the beaten path.

Sunset Magazine – August 2013

Road Trips. Haute Route. Where to Stay: Ojo Caliente, one of the oldest spas in the States at 145, is famous for its healing lithium, iron, soda, and arsenic baths. Book a beautiful Cliffside suite, with a kiva fireplace, private tub, and access to the Kiva Pool. – July 18, 2013

Spellbound in New Mexico, Part II. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. A scenic 45-minute drive from Taos, Ojo Caliente was enough of a relaxing pleasurable half-day escape for me that I plan on spending two days here next time.

Organic Spa Magazine – July 2013

Homme Comforts. “Many men are familiar with scrubs, but face masks still remain quite a mystery,” says Jeannine Mallory, Spa & Guest Services Director, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in New Mexico. At Ojo, the relaxing Men’s Fitness Facial Therapy treatment relies on warm, herb-infused towel compresses and a Sundari Neem and Green Tea Mask, to “provide a soft, smooth effect and cleanse and moisturize the face,” says Mallory. A mask once or twice a week removes oily patches and blackheads, exfoliates, calms a razor-ravaged beard, and gives your face the look that says I’ve had eight hours of sleep. Take a warm shower or wash your face, apply the mask to your face in a thin layer and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse, and admire your squeaky-clean mug.

Cowboys & Indians - July 2013 20th Anniversary Issue

Santa Fe Spectacular Giveaway. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. Each of Ojo Caliente’s Plaza suites has access to the private Kiva pool—all the better for you to enjoy during your two-night stay.

The Huffington Post July 1, 2013

Soak in ancient waters. Not far from Taos lie the waters of Ojo Caliente. It's worlds apart from anything you've likely ever experienced. But it is Taos edge all the way. Soak in the springs; cover yourself in mud and warm in the sun; enjoy a private soak by the light of the kiva fire; savor green chile "fries" in the Artesian Restaurant; hike the hills while hawks circle above you. Whatever you choose to do at Ojo, it will be hard not to feel the magic that seems to hang in the air there.– June 2013

Spa Industry Trends That Touch the Guest: Wendi Gelfound, director of marketing at Ojo Caliente Mineral Spring in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, says, “One of the biggest trends at the forefront of health and wellness is people are living longer and celebrating their aging.” Gelfound feels that attitudes towards aging are moving in a positive direction and most boomers are increasingly seeing the upside of getting older.

Chrylser Blog – June 21, 2013

A tip lead us to the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. This year marks 145th anniversary as the oldest natural heath spa in North America. Many visit the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs to experience the combination of four different sulfur-free mineral waters: Lithia, Iron, Soda and Arsenic. We left the spa feeling new and refreshed. The mineral pools seemed to awaken our senses and cultivate the spirit

Toronto Sun June 16, 2013

Art and Soul of Santa Fe– Turns out Ojo has not only the world's only sulphur-free public pools of iron, arsenic, soda and lithia -- along with a mud bath that is being expanded this summer -- but also three private pools. And after a delicious dinner at the resort's Artisan restaurant that included yummy green-chile fries, I'm treated to 50 minutes ($40 for two) in my very own mineral pool under the desert stars with a keva fireplace and a mountain face all lit up in lights.

Santa Fe Reporter Annual Manual – Summer 2013

Ojo Escape. Just 50 miles up Highway 285 from Santa Fe, the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa offers unique healing waters, body-pampering treatments, rich history and the opportunity to get away from it all to a spectacular setting.

The Taos News Summer Guide – Summer 2013

Relax. Ojo Caliente may be making changes but its principles are intact. The oldest mineral hot springs in the nation is getting some new additions. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Sap is making improvements to its 145-year-old facility.

HER Magazine –  New Zealand - April/May 2013

More than just a getaway. The worlds top eight destinations for indulgence.

One of my favorite spa resorts, Ojo Caliente, meaning “hot eye” in Spanish, is located approximately 80.5 kilometers from Santa Fe. Established as the first natural health spa in the United States, the rustic adobe style structure was first built around the superheated alkaline spring in 1916. Mysteriously set beneath iron-filled red cliffs, the resort emanates an almost ancient vibe.

The Associated Press, The Houston Chronicle, ABC News Online, Yahoo! News – April, 2013

New Mexico: Native pueblos to Georgia O’Keeffe

Love spas but not the high prices? At Ojo Caliente, access to mineral springs, steam, sauna and mud baths is just $18 Monday-Thursday ($28, Friday-Sunday). Historic buildings include an 1868 bathhouse, but Ojo's history stretches back to indigenous tribes and Spanish conquistadors. Also onsite: a hotel and excellent restaurant with desserts like tres leches mango cake and pumpkin tamales.

ISPA–PR Newswire – April 23, 2013

Spas Offer Male-Only Treatments in Honor of Father’s Day. Dads don't treat themselves enough, so spas have made it easy to give dad some tender, loving care on Father's Day. International SPA Association (ISPA) members around the world are offering men's only packages that are perfect for the man's retreat. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, Ojo Caliente, N.M.- The Men's Fitness Face Therapy providing skin care, hot herbal towel therapy, and a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Pulse MagazineMay 2013

Marketing to Boomers Wendi Gelfound, director of marketing at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs In Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, says, “One of the biggest trends at the forefront of health and wellness is people are living longer and celebrating their again.” Gelfound feels that attitudes towards aging are moving in a positive direction and most boomers are increasingly seeing the upside of getting older.

Santa Fe New Mexican Bienvenidos –  Summer 2013

Three for the Road. Destination Ojo Caliente. The main attraction in this tiny village is the natural piping hot water of the Ojo Caliente Mineral Resort & Saps. The spa has all the modern conveniences you expect. But beyond its locker rooms and showers, robes and clean towels, dry sauna, steam room and mud pool, the ancient watering hole feeds rooted to the Earth’s old core.

Su Casa Magazine – Spring, 2013

About an hour north of Santa Fe lies the sprawling Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, whose waters have been deemed sacred by Native Americans in Northern New Mexico. At Ojo Caliente, you can take advantage of elegant, relaxing accommodations over several days, or make it a day trip from your home base in Santa Fe.

Albuquerque Journal North – April 4, 2013

Upgrades attract more visitors to historic resort. “If Antonio Joseph’s grandmother could see the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs today, she wouldn’t recognize the place. Or maybe she would. If her spirit has been hovering over her ashes buried on the mesa top overlooking the first bathhouse that Joseph built in 1868, she’s seen a lot happen in almost a century — and especially in the last decade. More changes are on the way for the resort and spa, which attracted close to 100,000 visitors last year and employs 100 people full time — plus another 50 massage therapists kept on rotation — in this small northern New Mexico community just over the southern border into Taos County.”

THE Magazine - April 2013

Soak Them Bones, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. “Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, a one-hour drive from Santa Fe, is one of the oldest natural health resorts in the United States. Its sulphur-free restorative geothermal mineral waters have been flowing from a volcanic aquifer for thousands of years; its eleven pools are filled with different types and combinations of mineral waters: iron, soda, arsenic, and lithia.”

Prevention Magazine Online – March 22, 2013

The 50 Healthiest Eco Spas In America. “First opening as a resort in 1868, Ojo has spent years formulating their signature spa treatment. Local herbs are first infused into hot towels, and then the treatment is built around ingredients from the native ecosystem. For example, the Native American Blue Corn and Prickly Pear Salt Scrub is a traditional Native American combination used to rub away impurities.”

Edible Santa Fe – April 2013

On a moonless New Mexico night, stars, like cacophony, ring out in the night sky with articulate constellations and a noisy band of Milky Way. Floating in mineral spring at Ojo Caliente makes this concert of galactic majesty a transcendent experience. Rock, water, body, air, sky, and the infinitude of the universe, in this moment, resonate a kind of natural perfection it’s easy to forget in the day-today city life—it is both one of the finest and most authentic experiences Northern New Mexico has to offer.”

New Mexico Magazine – April 2013

Craftsman Era Oasis: The Artesia Restaurant, Ojo Caliente. “Nestled in a valley west of the Sangre de Cristos, on the edge of the village of Ojo Caliente, is the Ojo Caliente Resort and Spa. In 1868, Antonio Joseph, the first Territorial Representative of New Mexico to serve in Congress, build the bathhouse on the site of Ojo’s hot springs, revered since ancient times as healing waters.” – February 2013

Sink into the rejuvenating hot mineral springs, be pampered with an invigorating massage or soothe tired muscles with a warm mud bath...the Native American-inspired treatments are your honeymoon ticket for pure serenity with a couples' spa day at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa.

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